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Online family mediation

Online Family Mediation

All Your Family Mediation Is Now Online

In recent years, we have learned that many people prefer to attend mediation sessions online, which provides many benefits, especially for those leading busy lives. We expanded this service during COVID and decided to stick with it going forward due to the positive feedback we have received. The online mediation process couldn’t possibly be any easier with Your Family Mediation as we work to understand your situation on an individual level, and we tailor our service to meet your exact needs.

We can still carry out face-to-face mediation sessions if specifically requested, as we understand that many people still prefer this method.

Using Modern Technology For A Range Of Services

Our team can hold meetings no matter where you are, and we can assist you with a wide range of services. Whether you need a MIAM or standard family mediation, we can provide the meeting over Zoom, where each participant can join separately. Online platforms have allowed us to take our service to another level, providing unparalleled convenience and comfort in all that we do. 

For many years we have worked primarily on a physical basis, but our team are always prepared to grow and adapt to meet the needs of our clients across the UK. If you are looking for an online family mediation service, we are confident that our team are the best around, and we would love to discuss our services during your initial online meeting. Don’t be stuck in the past with slow and inefficient mediation services. Contact our team and book your first joint mediation meeting online.

Benefits Of An Online Mediation Process

Online mediation allows parties to participate in the mediation process remotely, using video conferencing technology. It offers several benefits over traditional face-to-face mediation, making it a highly attractive option for families looking to resolve their disputes efficiently and effectively. Some of the key benefits of online mediation include:


One of the biggest advantages of an online mediation service is its convenience. You can participate in the mediation process from the comfort of your own home or office without the need to travel. This makes it a more accessible option for families who live far away from each other or who have busy schedules with child arrangements.


Online mediation offers more flexibility than traditional face-to-face mediation. You can choose a time that suits you and your family, and you don’t have to worry about the mediator’s availability or the mediation centre’s location. Operating virtually allows us to easily swap important documents in various formats for different needs.


Online mediation is often more cost effective than traditional face-to-face mediation as you don’t have to factor in the travel costs when travelling to a mediation centre. This means you can save money while still getting the same high-quality service. Time is also valuable, and the time savings with online mediation services will leave you plenty of time to do the things you love.

Comfortable Environment

An online mediation session allows you to choose an environment that is comfortable and familiar to you. This can help to reduce anxiety and stress and make the mediation process more productive. We do have a friendly office available if you prefer this, but most of our clients prefer to meet using video calls on a computer or smart-phone.

Overall, online mediation offers many benefits over traditional face-to-face mediation. It is convenient, flexible, cost-effective, confidential and provides a comfortable environment. If you’re looking for a way to resolve your family disputes more amicably and efficiently, then online mediation could be the solution you need. Fill out our online form to book your initial online session and see the benefits for yourself.

Online family mediation

Contact Our Experienced Family Mediators

When choosing a team for your initial session, it is vital that you choose reputable mediation specialists you can trust. Many online mediators have the goal of dealing with their clients as quickly as possible, providing a generic service to everyone. Our team are fully qualified and registered with the appropriate authorities and the family mediation council, so you know that you are getting the advice and support that you need. Your assessment meeting isn’t just for 

us, it is also for you to get the mediation information you need and to decide whether our team are right for you. 

Give our team a call or fill out our contact form and get started today. We are always on hand to help and we hope that our family mediation services can keep you out of family court, providing an amicable and positive resolution for your family needs.

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