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Complaints Procedure

We hope that you will not find any reason to complain about the service you receive from us. However, we acknowledge that sometimes things do go wrong. If you are unhappy about any aspect of the service, we would like to know about it so that we can immediately address any problems.

Our internal Complaints Procedure is set out below so that you know what to expect if you do have a complaint: –

Who deals with the complaint?

1. In the first instance all complaints, whether in writing, over the telephone, or in person will be dealt with by the mediator concerned.

Time Limitations

2. If the complaint relates to breaches of The Family Mediation Council’s codes of practice or

standards framework Part 5 they must have occurred in the last 3 months prior to the date the complaint was received by us in writing.  For the avoidance of doubt, if the complaint relates to the way a mediation was conducted as a whole, the period of 3 moths runs from the date of the last mediation session.

Acknowledgement of complaint

3. Your written complaint will be acknowledged in writing no more than 10 working days from the date we receive it.

4. The other party to the mediation will be informed in writing that a complaint has been received and that the complaints procedure has been invoked.

Internal Resolution Process

5. Your Mediator will aim to resolve your complaint with the help of their supervisor/PPC within 10 working days of the expiry of the acknowledgement period.

6. If the matter cannot be resolved in that period it will then be referred to the Company Director, Steve Morton. The Company Director will aim to resolve your complaint within a further 10 working days (a total of 30 working days from the date the written complaint was received by us).  If further time is required by the Director, you will receive notification in writing with an explanation of why that time is needed.

7. The mediator against whom the complaint has been made will provide the Director with a copy of their file and a brief written report regarding the matter and the complaint made when the matter is referred to the Director. (See paragraph 6 above).

External Resolution by the Family Mediation Standard Board.

8. If the Company Director is unable to resolve your complaint, it will be referred to the Family Mediation Standards board, if the complaint alleges breach of the FMC professional standards (eg code of practice, PPC code of Practice, FMC Standards Framework).


9. The complaints process includes the potential for an appeal against the FMSB complaints panel’s decision

a. You or your Mediator may appeal on the following grounds:

i. That the FMSB complaints panel did not take into account relevant evidence or did not give sufficient wight to the evidence.

ii. That the correct process was not followed by the FMSB complaints panel.

b. A mediator may also appeal on the grounds that any disciplinary action taken was not in proportion to the nature of the misconduct.

c. Where an appeal against an unsuccessful complaint is upheld (meaning the original complaint is upheld). The appeals panel may take disciplinary action.

d. Where an appeal against a disciplinary decision is made, the Appeals Panel may consider taking disciplinary measures.

e. A decision by the Appeals Panel may be the same as or different to that of reached by the Complaints Panel.

*Working Days are defined by Monday- Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

Stephen Morton

Director of Union Ltd (Trading as Your Family Mediation).

Company Number 04496679


We hope that with open communication and honesty any problems will be dealt with to your satisfaction.

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