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Cost of mediation

We offer competitive rates that work for you

We understand that cost is often a concern when making the decision to seek family mediation. That’s why we offer competitive rates that work for you. Plus, our team of experienced mediators will help you resolve your disputes in a timely and affordable manner.

The cost of divorce can be substantial, with an average cost in the UK at £14,561 (Aviva). Working together through mediation you not only will have saved £1000s, but also reach outcomes that work for everyone involved while maintaining positive relationships moving forward!

Costs of mediation sessions


This initial confidential one-to-one meeting with the mediator is charged at £100+vat per person. Sessions last between 45 mins and 1 hour.


The joint mediation sessions are charged at £100+vat per person per hour. A typical mediation session lasts 90 minutes but, in some cases, can run for 2 hours.

Cost of documentation


Once the mediation process is concluded, a record of the agreement reached a Memorandum of Understanding will be prepared, and an Open Financial Statement. If you have entered Mediation to discuss Child Arrangements, there will also be a detailed document outlining your agreement.

These documents are charged at £90+vat per hour, per person, for their preparation.

If your case specifically relates to Child Services & Family Mediation, is it likely your mediation will be 100% FREE. This is due to the introduction of a voucher scheme, by the Ministry of Justice. This is not even means tested, so anyone can apply.

Mediation is a quick and affordable way to reach an agreement that works for everyone involved. You’ll get the personalised attention you need during mediation, with our team working hard on your behalf – saving thousands in divorce costs! Get started today by scheduling free 15-minute telephone consultation where we can explain how this procedure works and answer any questions.

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