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Family mediation helps with child arrangements

How can family mediation help us with child arrangements?

The UK’s courts clearly state that Children have the right to spend regular ongoing time with BOTH parents. However, how this looks in practice varies with each unique set of circumstances, as work schedules, geographic distance and changes in people’s lives can affect every case. Furthermore, after separating or divorcing, emotions can run high with former partners and coming up with a workable plan can prove challenging.

However, it is important for children that their parents co-parent and develop a workable way forward.

So, what Child Arrangements do you both need to agree on?

Plans, schedules, and commitments allow your children to spend time with parents, siblings, grandparents, and extended family members. A written document outlining everything you have agreed provides a solid basis for your children as they grow up.

How can Family Mediation help us?

Family Mediation is the modern way forward; no one wants to find themselves completing their C100 form and considering court over their children. At Your Family Mediation, we can provide you with the way forward.

What will happen when we use Family Mediation to work out our Child Arrangements?

You’ll both first have individual MIAMS.

Then a date for the Mediation will be set. All our Mediation sessions happen online.

-You then set the agenda.

-Alternatively, if you would prefer, our Mediators will guide you through a Parenting Plan, ensuring you cover every outcome for the future of your co-parenting together.

At the end of the sessions, you’ll have a substantial Parenting Plan providing a road map for the future that gives your children the support and life that regular ongoing contact with both parents provides. Much research has been undertaken on children with positive Co-parenting and the long term benefits.

Once we have our Parenting plan for Child Arrangements, what happens next?

Many parents, following mediation, are happy to use their agreed Parenting Plan as a basis for their Child’s future. It is common for them to return to Mediation as their children grow, and further issues must be discussed.

Other parents decide they would prefer that what has been agreed be turned into a consent order to make it legally binding. This is a straightforward next step, and we can direct you to a Solicitor to draft what has been agreed into a consent order.

What is Child Inclusive Mediation?

A big emphasis is placed on the ‘voice of the child’, that they get a chance to be heard when making plans for their future.

Child Inclusive Mediation is available to all our clients if it is requested. Generally, the child needs to be 10 years and older. You’ll learn more about this at your MIAM. See here for more info link to What is Child Inclusive Mediation.

Some good news

Anyone considering Mediation can claim a voucher to cover the cost of mediation via the Ministry of Justice Voucher scheme. This will give you up to £500 towards the cost of your Family Mediation. In many cases, this can cover the cost of the mediation sessions; call us at Your Family Mediation today for a Free 15 chat to find out more.

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