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How much does family mediation cost?

How can family mediation help us? Family mediation costs

We receive many calls and messages from clients about how much Mediation costs in the UK. The common questions include:

Do you have to pay for Mediation?
• Does Mediation cost both parents?
• How much does Family Mediation cost?
• Who pays for Mediation costs?
• Can I get legal aid for Mediation?
• Is Mediation free of charge?
• How much does divorce Mediation cost in the UK?

At Your Family Mediation, we understand that cost is the first consideration before agreeing to Mediate especially in the current economic climate. We hope the Questions & Answers below provide you with everything you need. If, however, you have further questions or would like to discuss Mediation further, contact us for a Free 15-minute chat with one of our Family Mediation Council-Accredited Mediators.

Q: How much does Mediation cost?

A: Mediation is a professional service; our accredited Mediators have undergone a lengthy training process, so there is a cost. However, now the good news!

– If you are on Universal credit, you can still apply for Legal Aid and provided you fit the criteria, you and your former partner will be covered for both MIAMs and one session of Mediation. Your Family Mediation has accredited Mediators and is one of the few companies offering Legal Aid Funded Mediation.

– If you do not qualify for Legal aid, and your case relates to Childcare/ Child contact. Right now, for a limited time, we can apply for a voucher for you both to cover all or part of your mediation costs. You will likely qualify. So, call now for more information.

– If you are Divorcing or separating and considering Mediation for a Property and Finance case, we have outlined below the costs. Even via this route, you will save 000’s in legal fees. The average cost of a Divorce in the UK is £14,800; sorting out your issues via Mediation will save you 000’s in legal fees.
Contact us now, and we can explain more.

You will find the total cost of Mediation below.
Remember, you may only have to pay part of the amounts listed (see above).


Fees are charged separately per person and are payable before the day of the session — an invoice with a simple payment link is invoiced. You can pay via bank payment, debit, or credit card.

Costs of mediation sessions


This initial confidential one-to-one meeting with the mediator is charged at £100+vat per person. Sessions last between 45 mins and 1 hour.


The joint mediation sessions are charged at £100+vat per person per hour. A typical mediation session lasts 90 minutes but, in some cases, can run for 2 hours.

Cost of documentation


Once the mediation process is concluded, a record of the agreement reached a Memorandum of Understanding will be prepared, and an Open Financial Statement. If you have entered Mediation to discuss Child Arrangements, there will also be a detailed document outlining your agreement.

These documents are charged at £90+vat per hour, per person, for their preparation.

We hope the information above has given you a better understanding of the costs involved. If you have any further questions, we are always available to chat. Contact us now for a Free 15 minute consultation.

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